Example Use Cases for the Repository

ORE Reasoner Competition

The third OWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop was held in July 2014 in Vienna, as part of the Summer of Logic. One of the main features of the workshop is a reasoner competition, aiming to compare the top implementations in the field on a large set of input problems. For the 2014 addition of the competition, as in the previous year, the Manchester OWL repository provided the infrastructure to index, assemble and curate a diverse corpus of OWL ontologies to make reasoner sweat and shine.

Investigating the empirical robustness of DL Reasoners

In his work Performance Heterogeneity and Approximate Reasoning in Description Logic Ontologies Rafael Gonçalves explores the robustness of current state of the art reasoning systems for naturally occurring ontologies on the web. One of his input sets was derived from the Manchester OWL Corpus (MOWLCorp), hosted by the Manchester OWL Repository.

Surveying the OWL Web

One of the authors of the repository  (Nico Matentzoglu) looked at the nature of ontologies on the Web in A Snapshot of the OWL Web and comparing various collections of ontologies, some of which are featured by the Manchester OWL Repository.