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Purpose: Reasoner Benchmarks, Language Surveys, Research on biomedical ontologies

Source: User submission

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Latest: 10.5281/zenodo.15667


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N. F. Noy, N. H. Shah, P. L. Whetzel, B. Dai, M. Dorf, N. Grith, C. Jonquet, D. L. Rubin, M. A. Storey, C. G. Chute, and M. A. Musen. BioPortal: Ontologies and integrated data resources at the click of a mouse. Nucleic Acids Research, 37, 2009.

Date Last Snapshot: January 2015

Description:  BioPortal is a Web-based application for accessing and sharing biomedical ontologies. A very sophisticated set of web services provides access to around 350 biomedical ontologies that are relevant to the description logics and OWL community.


OWL2 Axiomtypes Bioportal OWL2 Constructs Bioportal Axioms in TBox BioportalAxioms in TBox (incl. imports) Bioportal Axioms in ABox Bioportal Axioms in ABox (incl. imports) Bioportal